Budget & Salary

Budget & Salary

Transparency Guidance


Board Approved Budgets


Personnel Expenditures


Current Operating Expenditures


Educational Service Provider Transparency Reports


Current Bargaining Agreements

  • Our staff does not currently work under Bargaining Agreements


Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

  • We currently do not sponsor health care plans for our staff


Audited Financial Statements


Medical Benefit Plan Bids

  • We currently have no medical benefit plan bids


Procurement Policy


Expense Reimbursement Policy


Accounts Payable Check Register


Employee Compensation Information


District Paid Association Dues


District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • There were no district paid lobbying costs for 2016-2017
  • There were no district paid lobbying costs for 2015-2016


Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

  • The district has not incurred a deficit


District Credit Card Information

  • The district does not have district credit cards


Educator Evaluation Practices


District Paid Out-of-State Travel

Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy

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